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Deer Belt

Deer Belt

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Our custom leather belts have been our staple ever since we started our business in 1984. For years all we made was 100% genuine leather belts. Now we have branched out to different products but still specialize in the belts.

Today it is so hard to find a 100% genuine leather belt in a department store, we take pride in making our belts out of the best leather we can find. We have had customers with belts they have bought from us in the 80s still wearing the same belt! 

  • We also personalize the belts for free! 
  • All of our belts come with snaps so you can change the buckle!
  • We recommend for men to go a size up from their pant size.
  • women sizing chart is below
  • 24/25    0     Size 30
  • 26/27   1-3   Size 32
  • 27/28   3-6  Size 34
  • 29/30   6-9  Size 36
  • 31/32 10-13  Size 38
  • 33/34 14-18  Size 40
  • 35/36 19-21  Size 42
  • Also note that adding a larger belt buckle to the belt with add length to the belt. 
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